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Pre-nuptial agreements are agreements in which two people who are getting married enter prior to marriage to decide how a divorce will be resolved. The purpose of a pre-nuptial agreements is to allow people who are planning to get married to discuss many major issues that may arise during a marriage and during a divorce. At The Millard Law Firm, our Alpharetta family lawyers are highly knowledgeable about all of the components which should be included in a pre-nuptial agreement to ensure it is complete and thorough.

What Is the Purpose of a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

Pre-nuptial agreements may be used to force the parties to communicate directly and clearly about their expectations during and after the marriage and may even teach the parties how to effectively communicate with each other to avoid a divorce. The agreement can anticipate issues with regard to property and assets that the parties brought into the marriage and may subsequently acquire during the course of the marriage.

A prenuptial agreement, however, cannot waive or limit a party’s right to child support or custody. Such agreements should outline specifically how alimony, division of assets, and other issues will be addressed in the event that the parties obtain a divorce.

A pre-nuptial agreement can be used for the following purposes:

  • How marital property shall be divided and identify what property is considered separate property.

  • Whether alimony will be paid, and, if it is paid, the amount and duration.

Do I Need a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

Many couples come to us uncertain whether or not they need a pre-nuptial agreement. We have years of experience in the field of family law and we are committed to providing you with the level of support and guidance you need. If you have any questions about pre-nuptial agreements throughout the state of Georgia, please call an Alpharetta pre-nuptial agreement lawyer from The Millard Law Firm at (678) 319-9500 to schedule a consultation.

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