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Is your spouse failing to pay you the proper amount of child support, spousal support, or failing to stick to the other terms of your divorce court order? It can be extremely stressful to go through the trouble of establishing a court order, only to have your ex-spouse acting in contempt. You may need to consider hiring a family law attorney in Alpharetta to represent you and take enforcement actions against the other party. At The Millard Law Firm, we have the skill, extensive knowledge of the local courts, and resources you need on your side.

What Is a Motion for Contempt?

A motion for contempt is a request for the court to punish a party for failing to obey a court order, such as in a family law matter when one party fails to pay child support or refuses to allow visitation. The purpose of a contempt action is to bring the other party to pay for their irresponsible actions. In order for a party to be held in contempt, however, the offending party must be found to have willfully violated the court order.

Once a court determines there has been a willful violation, a court may order:

  • Compliance.

  • Award attorney’s fees.

  • Increase custody or visitation for the affected party.

  • Jail the offending party.

It is important that all parties comply with the court’s order. No court will tolerate a party disobeying its orders. Since the parties’ settlement agreement typically becomes the court’s orders, it is important the parties’ agreement preserve their right to file for contempt and pursue attorney’s fees.

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